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Sunday Conversation: Kristian Bush

If you think you don’t know who Kristian Bush is you’re likely mistaken. He’s a guy from Sugarland, not a guy rather the guyAs the group takes a hiatus Bush has decided to pursue a solo project. His debut single is catchy, fun loving, and spreads a message that’s perfect for the holiday season. “Trailer Hitch” is the type of song that makes you want to get up and dance, and then go out and do something good for the world. It’s the perfect single to introduce Bush, the solo artist, to the national scene. We caught up with Kristian this week to chat about “Trailer Hitch,” his upcoming album Southern Gravity, and his charity work with Goodwill.

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Who is Thomas Rhett?

If you’re a Thomas Rhett fan or a country music fan you need to see this video. Rarely do we, as country music fans, get a glimpse into who an artist truly is as a person. When that opportunity arises it’s really interesting to learn about the person who’s singing some of your favorite songs. In three minutes we learn that Thomas Rhett is a humble individual who is truly blessed to be making music. His #Hometeam campaign has been going for a number of months and it leads up this video. So who is Thomas Rhett? Watch and find out: