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Kip Moore Delivers Exactly What Fans Want: Something Real

Kip Moore has always stated that Boston is one of his favorite cities in the country. Sure, he says that about a lot of cities but after seeing him perform in different markets this year there’s no question Boston has a place in his heart. He seems to try just a little bit harder, turn it up just a bit louder, and pour overwhelming passion into the songs he sings. His nearly ninety minute set at the House of Blues on Friday night was no exception.

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Kip Moore’s Wild Ones Tour Setlist

Kip Moore is currently on the road headlining his 2015 Wild Ones Tour. He’s bringing along Michael Ray for the entirety of the tour plus one special guest that could include the likes of Joey Hyde and DeeJay Silver. When the tour stops in Boston on October 30, it’ll be Hyde, Ray and Moore who take the stage. These are the songs you can look forward to hearing.

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Recapping a Busy Day in Country Music

Today was a very busy day in country music. Three major artists announced their summer tours, one Grammy winning group released a new single, and couple others released new ones to radio. Here’s what you may have missed today:

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Sunday Conversation: Erik Dylan

Courtesy: Erik Dylan
Courtesy: Erik Dylan

Kansas native Erik Dylan didn’t travel to Nashville with pocket aces, rather he had to work to make his dream of being a songwriter and artist a reality. However, it’s his years of hard work that make his songs jump off the page and come to life. His songs are ones that you’ll be able to connect with on a deeper level than just tipping back a cold beer. Dylan knows what the listener wants to hear because he’s been in their shoes. He’s a fan of the genre as much as you and I and that right there makes him one of the most talented young songwriters in Nashville. In part one of our interview with him we discuss what goes into writing a song, working with Kip Moore on what could be Moore’s next radio single, and more:

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Five Albums We’re Excited for in 2015

It’s not just new artists that will be making waves in country music this year, there are also some big names artists that will be releasing new studio albums. Of course, it’s hard to say just when these artists will be dropping their new albums but nevertheless these are some of the albums we’re excited for this year.

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