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New Years Eve Party Country Playlist

So you’re hosting a New Years party and are looking to mix some country into your playlist for the night. If you’re hosting a party full of country fans then you’ll have no problem finding the perfect songs, However what if you have a lot of casual fans – then what do you do? Luckily, we’ve found a couple mixes that you can insert into your playlist that’ll keep the party rocking and fill your country fix.

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Sunday Conversation: Dee Jay Silver

dee_jay_silver_logo46Dee Jay Silver is the only DJ with a Nashville recording contract. That being said he’s regarded as the top live DJs not only in country music but in music in general. His ability to connect with the audience and give them exactly what they want to hear is what separates him from the rest. As he’s fine tuned his skills he’s expanded his outputs. This past year, while on tour with Brad Paisley, Silver was brought up on back to do a back and forth as a main part of Brad’s set. Additionally he launched a syndicated radio show and podcast called Country Club. The weekly program features Silver mixing some of the hottest songs in country music just the way you want to hear them.

We caught up with Silver and chatted about how he got his start, one crazy night at Fenway Park with Jason Aldean, and much more!

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