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Kip Moore Delivers Exactly What Fans Want: Something Real

Kip Moore has always stated that Boston is one of his favorite cities in the country. Sure, he says that about a lot of cities but after seeing him perform in different markets this year there’s no question Boston has a place in his heart. He seems to try just a little bit harder, turn it up just a bit louder, and pour overwhelming passion into the songs he sings. His nearly ninety minute set at the House of Blues on Friday night was no exception.

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Introducing Travis Denning

Source: John Legg Photography
Source: John Legg Photography

For those familiar with the impressive crop of young talent hailing from the great state of Georgia, Travis Denning is a familiar name. Frequently playing lead guitar with BBR Recording artist, Jordan Rager, Denning’s ability to write damn good songs and melt faces on the guitar make him the most versatile young artist in Nashville. For those who are less well-versed in the up-and-comers of country music, I introduce to you, Travis Denning, the diamond in the new country rough.

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Michael Ray Wows at House of Blues Boston

Friday night was the first time any of the writers on this site had seen Michael Ray perform. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we were blown away. His forty minute set flew by and left us and the entire House of Blues wanting more. Nine songs, including a pair of covers, brought the crowd to life and placed him on a small list of artists we can’t wait to see again. Here are the three things we learned in those forty minutes he was on stage.

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Keith Urban Releases “Break On Me”

Break On Me Keith UrbanKeith Urban announced the release of a new studio album yesterday. After scoring a number one with “John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16” a couple weeks back he sent a second single off Ripcord to radio last week. “Break On Me” is slower than nearly all of his songs in recent memory. You’d have to go all the way back to “Only You Can Love Me This Way” in 2008 to find something with a similar sound. Because of such, Urban has the chance to capture fans who might have been tuning into country radio five years ago and grab them with something that really doesn’t sound all that different. 

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