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New Years Eve Party Country Playlist

So you’re hosting a New Years party and are looking to mix some country into your playlist for the night. If you’re hosting a party full of country fans then you’ll have no problem finding the perfect songs, However what if you have a lot of casual fans – then what do you do? Luckily, we’ve found a couple mixes that you can insert into your playlist that’ll keep the party rocking and fill your country fix.

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Top Ten Albums of 2014

We started our year end recap with a list of the most popular albums released this calendar year. Now it’s time for the hard part – ranking the top ten. The list that follows is comprised of the albums that we find to be the most listenable from start to finish without skipping any tracks. You’ll notice some key absences and some interesting inclusions. These are Country Music North’s top ten albums of 2014:

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