Impress Your Girl, Dress Yourself in Flannel

Word on the street is the boys felt a little left out over last week’s 12 Different Ways to Wear Flannel post, so for all you guys out there looking for a little outfit inspiration, we got you covered. Here’s eight ways to wear flannel that make you look like you know what you’re doing:

1. Open Over a T-Shirt 
2.  Under a Suit Jacket

 3.  With a Vest

  4. Peeking Out Under a Sweater

5. With a Cargo Jacket

6. Layered Under an Open Sweater  

7. Over your favorite graphic/band T-shirt

8. As is With Jeans and Impressive Shoes

You got this, fellas? Dress nice, it’s the holiday season, and we want to Instagram you.