Thomas Rhett Hampton Beach Casino

Thomas Rhett Makes Country Music Fun in New Hampshire

We love Thomas Rhett. There’s something about the Georgia singer that makes him easy to relate with. Maybe it’s his ability to create an album that combines the new school with the old school. It could be his unmistakable vocals. Or even his seemingly flawless marriage with his high school sweetheart Lauren. So during his hour long set on the Suits and Boots Tour this weekend, we couldn’t help but have the time of our lives. Here’s some reasons why:

Setlist Creativity

Thomas Rhett Hampton Beach Casino
Thomas Rhett performs with his classic guitar in New Hampshire.

Can you name another artist that can come out to hip-hop beats, transition to an acoustic guitar, strip down a love song to just himself and a few simple chords, and then pick the tempo back up with plenty of electric guitar? We can’t.

Mean Dance Moves

Thomas Rhett Hampton Beach Casino
With his mic stand as a prop Thomas Rhett breaks out some moves.

Rhett worked with a choreographer to prepare for the Suits and Boots Tour and it shows. The small stage at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom didn’t keep TR from dancing around and having a good time.

Meaningful Stories

Thomas Rhett Hampton Beach Casino
Thomas Rhett sings “Die a Happy Man” to his wife Lauren.

If he wasn’t singing he was saying stuff that mattered. In celebration of his wife’s, Lauren, birthday Rhett dedicated his current single “Die a Happy Man” to her, causing the women to “aww” and the men to applaud.

One Powerful Duet

Thomas Rhett Hampton Beach Casino
Thomas Rhett and Danielle Bradbery sing “Playing With Fire.”

Obviously Thomas Rhett can’t bring out Jordin Sparks to perform “Playing With Fire,” but thankfully he’s got Danielle Bradbery to fill in. She crushed it opening the show and seemed to take things to another level for a truly captivating duet.

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