Old Dominion

Old Dominion’s New Album Meat and Candy

Old Dominion Meat and Candy
Courtesy: EB Media

Old Dominion is the hottest band in the country world. After penning hits for some of the genre’s biggest names such as Kenny Chesney and Dierks Bentley among others, the five member group decided to get back to their roots – making their own music. Their debut EP produced the SiriusXM hit “Shut Me Up” and now the national radio hit “Break Up With Him.” You likely already know those songs, but here are three new ones you’ll be cranking up right away:

“Song For Another Time”

Personally, my favorite song on the album. Combining clever, college age friendly lyrics with their nearly patented guitar riffs and you have a song that you can’t help but sing along with.

“Crazy Beautiful Sexy”

The perfect song to put on when you’re girl friend, significant other, or down on their luck friend needs a little reminder that their “crazy beautiful sexy.”

“We Got It Right”

The final track on the record really sums up the project as a whole. Old Dominion isn’t a cookie cutter country act, rather their bringing a unique style that translates into a variety of demographics.