12 Different Ways to Wear Flannel This Fall

Admit it ladies, you own more flannels than you know what to do with. Wearing a flannel with leggings or jeans every day can get monogamous and put you in a style rut. Here are 12 different ways to style your favorite comfy flannel this fall:

  1. Over a Dress

2. Under a Fur Vest 

3. Over a Crop Top


4. Layered Under a Sweater

5. Tied Around Your Waist

6. With a Puffy Vest


7. Dressed Up With Heels


8. Under a Jean Jacket or Vest



9. Tucked Into a Pencil Skirt


10. With a Leather Jacket


11. With Your Favorite Team’s Hat


12. Over Your Favorite Band’s Tee

It’s time to go celebrate Flannel Fridays in style. Maybe we’ll start celebrating Saturday through Thursday too…