Kip Moore House of Blues Boston

Kip Moore Delivers Exactly What Fans Want: Something Real

Kip Moore has always stated that Boston is one of his favorite cities in the country. Sure, he says that about a lot of cities but after seeing him perform in different markets this year there’s no question Boston has a place in his heart. He seems to try just a little bit harder, turn it up just a bit louder, and pour overwhelming passion into the songs he sings. His nearly ninety minute set at the House of Blues on Friday night was no exception.

Kip Moore House of Blues Boston
Kip Moore performs at House of Blues Boston

One of my favorite things about Kip and his music is that it’s all genuine. He wastes no time introducing every song, explaining the meaning behind them, or resetting with the band. Instead you’re treated to a free flowing experienced that’s similar to how you’d listen to his music if you were in your car. He’s quick to cut out any lengthy solos that may come at the end of songs, choosing to keep the music flowing and ensuring you get every penny worth of the ticket price. In fact the only memorable pauses in the show were a shift away from a full band for a stripped down version of “Hey Pretty Girl” and a brief moment to catch his breath and let Boston know that they were “bleepin awesome.”

Kip Moore House of Blues Boston
Kip Moore at WKLB’s Monster Bash at House of Blues Boston

He has a strong understanding of the type of person who comes out to catch the Wild Ones Tour. You aren’t going to find many of your bro-country fans, nor are you likely to find teenagers moving in packs dressed like their headed to a house party. Rather you’ll notice the crowd is older and more mature. People are there simply to enjoy the music. It’s not about pushing your way to the front by any means necessary nor is it about getting as drunk as possible and failing to remember the show. Kip respects the fact that his fans are hard working, down to Earth, regular joes by giving it his all on stage. By failing to waste any time, or fool around with covers that don’t actually suit his style he’s able to deliver a captivating set that leaves you wishing it didn’t have to end.

It’s a set that included nearly all of the album he’s on the road promoting. Music that he’d been performing over the past year or so, but was never able to put into the hands of the fans. He might not have the same type of mainstream appeal as he did when “Hey Pretty Girl” rocketed up the charts, but the fans buying the tickets are as faithful as ever. Deep cuts such as “Magic” and “That’s Alright With Me” sounded like number one singles as the crowd belted out every word. He could have played any song, including the bonus tracks and the result would have been the same. When you promise your fans music made the way you want to make it, and then deliver they respect that and nobody delivers on a promise quite like Kip Moore.

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