Thomas Rhett Xfinity Center 2015

Thomas Rhett’s Most Progressive Songs

As one of country’s biggest names Thomas Rhett continually pushes the boundary. His progression from “Beer With Jesus,” his first single with any sort of success, to “Crash and Burn,” his fourth number one song, is borderline incredible. Never has an artist changed his sound so much yet stay in the spotlight as well as the 25 year old Georgian. Here are Rhett’s most limit pushing, progressive songs to date:

Front Porch Junkies:

A heavy, techno drum beat this was one of the earliest signs that Thomas wasn’t here to be another cookie-cutter newcomer.

Make Me Wanna:

This soulful hit shocked yours truly when it was announced as the last single off of It Goes Like This. Its success however proves that Rhett’s fans will listen to anything everything he puts out.


This summer tune took 15 co-writers until it was finished. We can see why. It is fun, reference-heavy, and, as the second song released off of Tangled Up, showed where Rhett is going as an artist.

I Feel Good (feat. LunchMoney Lewis):

When you have LunchMoney Lewis guesting on a track you know that it isn’t traditional country. It’s still pretty awesome though.

Crash & Burn:

This is the one that signaled that the new, funked up Thomas Rhett was here to stay. Not only is it fantastically written but it has heavy soul and R&B influences that make it a fun listen.

Honorable Mentions/Songs That Weren’t on Youtube:

“Tangled”: One word, funky
“Anthem”: There is a hint of dubstep in the lead off track to Tangled Up.