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Costumes for the Couple with a Sense of Humor

Tired of being Mario and Luigi every year? If you’re looking to step out of the box this year, there’s nothing like these five romances to express your true love on Halloween night.

Blake & Miranda

Sure this has probably been done for many years, but has it been a post-divorce relationship? Not likely.

Costume Inspiration:

Blake circa “She Wouldn’t Be Gone” video

 Miranda circa “Kerosene” video

Blake, you need to get really drunk (or at least comment out loud how much you’ve been drinking). Miranda, you to be an absolute B.A. (just don’t actually burn anything down). Now the two of you need to pretend the other one isn’t there. Have fun!

 Chase Rice & Jack Daniels

No greater relationship has existed than man and his beverage of choice.

Costume Inspiration:

Hang out all night. Scream ‘murica. Possibly cuddle in public, the love is real.

Florida Georgia Line

This bromance is the truest romance there is.

Costume Inspiration:

And ladies, break out the bun…

Carry around a bottle of Fireball all night. Maybe two, or three. Share it, drink it, love it. High five each other a lot.

Hunter & Deer

Because sometimes the love of your life forgets to bring you a coffee and you want to kill them.

 Costume Inspiration:

Deer make-up tutorial:

Just don’t actually kill her.

 Matt Saracen & His Grandma

 No truer a bond did exist.

Costume Inspiration:
Matt Saracen Grandma

Sing your girl “Mr. Sandman” all night. It’ll make her happy.