Will Hoge’s New Album is Full Hope

Small Town Dreams
Courtesy: SweetTalk PR

Will Hoge released his new album Small Town Dreams a couple weeks back and we glossed over it without giving much thought. The project was released on a busy week that included Thomas Rhett’s new single and Kristian Bush’s debut album. Fast forward a couple of weeks, mix in some down time, and the result is a review of the project.

He’s a talented song-writer but I’ve always thought his vocals fell a bit short. Clearly, I was wrong. It doesn’t take long to notice that Hoge has the chops to hang with any of the mainstream artists. His voice comes across smooth, maybe it’s the production – who knows. But nonetheless he’s got a listenable tone that shines through on songs that resonate with working class folk. It’s these type of songs that I always find myself listening to time and time again.

There’s something to be said about an artist who can sing about the real issues. Hoge tackles small town dreams (duh), tough times, love, the good ole days, and choosing a life of guitars or guns. There’s no mention of girls dancing on dropped tailgates, house parties, or drinking beers and that’s a good thing. That’s not who Hoge is, he’s a man driven by hard work on the road to success. If you’re a true country fan you’ll understand why Small Town Dreams will help him get there.