Dustin Lynch Rocks Boston

Dustin Lynch brought his high energy live show to Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill in Foxborough, MA on Sunday night. The “Cowboys & Angels” singer worked his way through a twenty song set complete with covers, hits, and deep cuts off his most recent release Where It’s At. Dressed in a Bruins shirt and his signature cowboy hat Lynch gave the sold out crowd of over a thousand one hell of a night.

Dustin Lynch
Dustin Lynch surveys a sold out crowd at Toby Keith’s Boston.

Lynch’s Crowd Skews Female

The sold out crowd packed the intimate venue well from the front of the stage back past the guitar shaped bar. The cramped feel allowed you to get up close and personal with your neighbors, for the guys in attendance this was definitely a good thing. Ladies dressed in everything from summer dresses and daisy dukes (keep in mind it was 40 degrees out) to jeans and boots (more weather appropriate) made of the vast majority of the crowd. These weren’t your stereotypical summer country fans either, these were big fans. Rarely were there moments the crowd wasn’t belting out the words of anything from “Halo” to “To the Sky.”

Dustin Lynch
Dustin Lynch’s band performs at Toby Keith’s Boston.

Hell of a Night Shouldn’t Have Been His Next Single

That’s not to say “Hell of a Night” isn’t a catchy song. Or to say that it’s not a good song that fits radio’s current format. The problem with “Hell of a Night” is that people failed to connect with it on another level. There’s something to be said about the difference between mindlessly singing the words and really feeling the song. Sure, nearly everyone knew the words but few managed to connect with the song. Instead, Lynch would have been better off releasing tracks such as “Sing it to Me” or “Mind Reader.” Both fit a similar, radio friendly format and cause fans to connect with the song on a level deeper than “Hell of a Night.”

Dustin Lynch
Dustin Lynch points to the crowd at Toby Keith’s Boston

“Sing it to Me” is the Best Song Lynch Has Recorded

This is obviously going to be a biased statement, but watching him perform the track live last night gave my argument some weight. Not only were fans connecting and getting into the song, but Lynch was clearly loving it just as much. It was on this track that Dustin Lynch and his band really hit their stride. Whether it was Lynch moving back and forth around the cramped stage with ease or his guitarists linking up for some cool riffs the band was in stride and it was fun to watch.

Dustin Lynch
Dustin Lynch sings and plays at Toby Keith’s Boston.

It’s a Fun Show Worth the Price of a Ticket

Anybody who’s been to their fair share of concerts, has surely left at least a few thinking ‘I can’t believe I paid that much for that.” That’s not going to be the case when you leave a Dustin Lynch show. He does everything you want from an up and coming country artist. Covers of both top forty songs like Drake’s “Hold On We’re Going Home” and classic country songs like Garth Brook’s “Rodeo.” Crowd interaction accomplished through letting them sing the song back, taking selfies, and even taking some time after the show to sign boots, phones, and bras of some lucky fans.

Dustin Lynch
Dustin Lynch and his band perform at Toby Keith’s Boston.