Luke Combs Announces New EP

Luke CombsLuke Combs is one of the most promising young talents in country music today. For every artist that relies on auto-tune and ghost writers, there are ones like Combs who provide true talent. Originally from Ashville, North Carolina, the 23 year old has released two EP’s and has garnered a rabid fan base in the South with his powerful vocals and extreme song writing talent. Best exemplified on “Let the Moonshine,” “I Know She Ain’t Ready,” and “Hell Raised Her,” he is a versatile artist who unapologetically flies the classic country music flag.

Combs recently announced he would be recording his third EP, slated to be released in the early summer. This is good news for fans as it will be six songs where as his first two have been three a piece. In preparation for this release, he will also be posting one unreleased song per week up until the EP’s release. The first, “Hurricane,” previews what exactly listeners should expect from the upcoming release: fantastic vocals and songwriting.