Brothers Osbourne’s ‘Stay A Little Longer’

Brothers Osborne aren’t your traditional country duo. They hail from Maryland and aren’t afraid to advertise it as seen in the music video for their debut single “Rum” which was shot on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay. For their biggest fans “Rum” served as the song of the summer, but for most country fans they’re largely unfamiliar with the track. They’ll look to expand their fan base in a big way this summer when they head out with Darius Rucker on the Southern Style Tour. Sure, “Rum” will probably get the biggest ovation, but it’s their new single “Stay a Little Longer” that serves as their best song to date.

The duo chose to head back to the studio in the early parts of 2015 to rerecord the track with the hope of laying down the best possible vocal performance. And they’ve done just that. The brothers voices mesh better than they did on original cuts of the track and certainly better than they did on “Rum.” The soft, yet steady rocking song speaks volumes about where the duo wants to head. They’re keeping it real in a genre that they say is full of “BS.” They sing of a modern relationship in which the relationship itself fails to be explained, “I tell myself I’m not in love, but one more time is not enough,” sings John Osborne in each chorus. What they’ve done is create a song that appeals to both men and women, one that the younger generation should have no problem relating with. When it’s all said and done you’re gonna be wishing the song itself could stay a little longer.