The Swon Brothers’ ‘Pray For You’

Well I’ve been where you’ve been my friend/ I felt the rain fall sideways/Hell on wheels in the fast lane/Down the crooked highway,” opens Zach Swon, half of the Swon Brothers, in the duo’s latest singel, “Pray for You.” Eloquently written and showcasing their talent as vocalists, the track is their second off of their debut album, which shares the same name, and currently sits at no. 43 on the US Country Airplay Charts.

“Pray for You” is a feel-good, uplifting song that goes against the grain by not highlighting drinking or partying as an escape from life’s ups and downs. To say that this is a nice change and transition from their previous single would be an understatement. It wasn’t that “Later On” was bad, it was actually pretty good, it’s that with this song, the Swon Brothers are showing that they’re capable of producing something with emotional depth and realism. It is empathetic, as they repeat, “I know I know I know” to end both verses detailing different situations where one can lose hope. The fact that this song is so well-written shouldn’t be a surprise as Jessi Alexander (co-writer of “I Drive Your Truck”), Tommy Lee James (co-writer of Gary Allan’s “Today”), and Eric Paslay teamed up to pen this should-be breakout hit.

No matter how well-written a song is, it still takes an impressive musical performance to pull-off something as great as “Pray for You.” Zach and Colton Swon bring well-balanced harmonies and a solid vocal range to inject emotion into a powerful song, the guitars are blaring, but not overpowering, and the drums are heavy but not in a bad way. All of this, crafted by fantastic producing from the duo and Mark Bright, make it one of the best songs released in the past 6 months and something that should gain serious traction on country radio. Don’t be surprised to see this climb inside the top five come summertime.