Michael Ray’s ‘Kiss You in the Morning’

Florida’s newest country export, Michael Ray, is the embodiment of hard-work and drive. Born and raised in rural central Florida, Ray has been playing bars since he was a teen and, after a life-changing trip to Nashville, put together a band and began to take over his home state. It’s been a long road for the 26 year old but, after signing with Warner Music Nashville, he has released his debut single, “Kiss You in the Morning.”

Currently sitting at no. 35 on the CT 40 charts clocks in at just over three minutes, short but not abnormally so. With a solid mixture of classic country twang and bro-country beats, the song manages to capture the storytelling that is behind almost every successful song on country radio today. The song is sure to be a favorite with girls as he lists off the many places where and the many ways that he plans to kiss his lover. It is an easy listen relying heavily on clever lyrics and a solid vocal performance. It is polished but not drawn out or over the top. At the end of the day what makes this song so great is the songwriting, it’s not complicated, but fun and easy which is perfect for the coming spring and summer months.

With it’s fun lyrics and sexy sound “Kiss You in the Morning” seems to be poised to quickly ascend up the charts and prove to be Ray’s breakthrough single. For the up-and-comer, this should be only the beginning to a long, illustrious career.