Dan and Shay Shine on “Nothin’ Like You”

After breaking the top 30 with their first two singles, Dan and Shay is looking for more success with “Nothin’ Like You.” Heavy on pop influences the love song showcases Shay Mooney’s impressive vocal range and the sweet melodies created with Dan Smyers.

Different from much of the bro-country that fills country airwaves, “Nothin’ Like You” tells a specific story instead of sticking to drawn out, shallow cliches. The first verse opens with Mooney recounting the first time he saw a girl and how she was “sipping coffee in a corner booth.”  The chorus builds on this talking about how he’s never seen a girl like her. The second verse brings more of the same typical love song themes detailing how she’s a “light in the dark” and stealing his heart “like a gypsy.” Although it at times feels cheesy, it is still a very well-written song and perfectly captures what makes Dan and Shay so great: vocals.

With its polished, non-country, pop sound “Nothin’ Like You” has a very good shot at being the duo’s second top 10 and maybe their first top 5. It is easy and fun to listen to and, considering the time it is being released, could be one of the song’s of the summer much like “19 You+Me” in 2013. Look for “Nothin’ Like You” to climb the charts in the coming months.