Boston Gone Country Showcases Local Talent

When people think of country music, Massachusetts is probably one of the final states to come to mind. It’s not because people up here don’t like the music – they do. But rather because Massachusetts has a reputation for being fast-paced, never wanting to live life in a slowdown. However, as country rapidly continues to grow in popularity so do the amount of talented young country artists looking to make a name for themselves.

Jessie Chris BGC
Jessie Chris performs at the Boston Gone Country Launch Party

A couple weeks back Boston Gone Country held their official launch party and showcased three of the most talented young artists that Massachusetts have to offer. The first was seventeen year old Jessie Chris. Despite, her age Chris is already working hard on making her country music dreams a reality. She recently finished up recording a full length album down in Nashville and this week gave her devoted fans a taste of what’s to come in the form of a three song EP available for download on iTunes.

Brianna Grace
Brianna Grace performs at the Boston Gone Country Launch Party

But Jessie Chris isn’t the only talented young female artist Massachusetts has to offer. Twenty year-old Brianna Grace knows her way around a country stage as well. She’s been working on music of her own, but for now regularly blows fans away with covers of some of country’s most popular tracks such as Miranda Lambert’s “Automatic” and The Band Perry’s “Better Dig Two.” As she continues to perfect her style and work on original music we expect Grace to blossom into a truly excellent artist.

Timmy Brown
Timmy Brown performs at the Boston Gone Country Launch Party

As much talent as these three girls have Timmy Brown, may have just a slight more. If that name sounds familiar you’re likely an American Idol fan because that’s where Brown spent the end of his summer last year making it through the preliminary auditions in New York before heading out west for Hollywood week. It’s not just American Idol who’s noticed Brown’s talent though. His cover of Keith Urban’s “Cop Car” was featured on Urban’s Instagram page and he’s regularly highlighted for his other covers on the popular Instagram account Country Sayings. 

These three artists provided the entertainment on what was a fun-filled evening at the local Blue Hills Brewery. It wouldn’t have been a true launch party without featuring these amazingly talented artists who are bringing local country music to Boston fans. The event also served as a collection for the charity Cell Phones for Soldiers which is committed to collecting old or unused cell phones and shipping them overseas so the troops can call home.

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