Alyssa Trahan Goes Wild & Crazy

Alyssa Trahan EP CoverAt just nineteen years old Alyssa Trahan is doing everything she can to make her dreams a reality. After performing over a hundred dates in 2014, she knew it was time for new music at the beginning of 2015.  The Rochester, NY native has already self-released a full length record entitled Hi, and last week released a new EP. The five track Wild & Crazy showcases Trahan’s talent as a singer songwriter.

The EP opens with the steady country rocking title track. It’s here that fans learn just who Trahan is as an artist. She’s not the type to try to blow you away with overpowering vocals. Rather she knows her sweet spots and hits it time and time again. By the time the first chorus rolls around Trahan has already proven her vocal ability. That puts Trahan ahead of the curve in terms of young artists. Time and time again young singers will try to push their vocal boundaries to places they simply can’t reach. But not Trahan.

It’s not just the singing that has us buzzing about Trahan. Her songwriting excels beyond her years. Despite all five songs centering on love, they fail to become repetitive. That might not sound like much, but it’s a big deal. In today’s country music more and more songs are beginning to sound the same. Trahan’s ability to pen five songs that are similar yet sound uniquely different is something we can definitely get behind.

Track List:

Wild & Crazy
Over You
Baby I Love You
He’s Mine

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