Love and Theft Switches It up with ‘Whiskey on My Breath’

Courtesy: Love and Theft
Courtesy: Love and Theft

Coming off of a sophomore album with the smash hit, “Angel Eyes,” Love and Theft has released their first single off of their upcoming album, Whiskey on My Breath, which is due out on February 10. The track, which shares the same name as the record, is another step forward for the group as they hope to exhibit a more mature and polished sound than on past records.

Straying from their up-tempo, country-pop sound, the track has an emotional depth that, in terms of singles, has yet to be seen by the duo. The song opens, “I woke up with a pounding head/ With a bottle laying in the bed/ There was a little, a little bit left/ So I picked it up and I killed the rest,” before divulging into a Jesus-heavy chorus that exemplifies what makes Love and Theft such a dynamic pair: their harmonies. With a background of acoustic guitars, piano, and  light percussion, the duo hits all the right notes in a polished chorus that then leads into another solid verse that finds the perfect mix of honesty and optimism. With a fuller sound comparatively to the opening verse, they sing, “But Jesus died for all my sins/ That’s how I know I’m getting in.

After finding limited success with their debut album and then finding a bit of a groove with their second, this release from the duo is a risk. Yes, it is a slow, beautifully written song that encapsulates everything that makes Love and Theft a solid up-and-coming act; however, because it is so far from what most listeners have come to expect for them, it could struggle on the charts. It is nothing like “Angel Eyes,” which gave them their first and only number 1, and, after releasing a series of songs that have not cracked the top 20 on country radio, taking another risk, is a bold move. It is a great (read: GREAT) song, but considering their recent struggles, it could be a flop.