What’s Next For GhostTunes

Wondering what the future holds for GhostTunes? We talked with Garth this afternoon about what the next steps are for the newest digital download platform.

When starting anything new the hardest part is always at the beginning, the same can be said for Garth Brooks’ latest endeavor GhostTunes. When the platform was launched it was looking up at giants like Apple’s iTunes and Amazon’s wide array of services. Now, some seven months after its launch Garth is pleased with the way things have been going stating that, “Anytime you’re up against something that owns eighty or ninety percent of the market it’s going to be a challenge, but we’re figuring it out.” GhostTunes is already succeeding just by lasting. As more and more artists become familiar with the platform it’s likely that it will continue to expand and become a household name for digital downloads.  But for Brooks’ it’s about more than that, he believes that GhostTunes offers the best buying experience for the customer as well as the premier selling platform for artists. GhostTunes will continue to grow and as it does Brooks’ hinted at what the future may hold.

This first year of GhostTunes is just the initial phase of what Brooks’ believes is a bigger journey. He envisions GhostTunes offering all of the same services as a marketplace such as Google Play or the iTunes Store. Movies, books, and television shows are all on the radar for Brooks’ and GhostTunes. It will be interesting too see how they go about handling such content.

Currently, GhostTunes prides itself on giving the artist all of the power; something that would be challenging to do with books or television shows. There’s only one way to sell a book or a movie, in full. And iTunes and Amazon already allow consumers to purchase individual episodes of TV shows, so GhostTunes wouldn’t be blazing new ground there. However, there is something that GhostTunes could do that hasn’t been done with television shows, allow networks to create packages of their most popular shows. For example, a network could offer a bundle that allows for their three most popular shows to be purchased and downloaded together. Who knows, if that’s something that’s even been discussed, but it shows that there are possibilities. Either way it’ll be interesting to see how Garth and GhostTunes make the shift from phase one into phase two and beyond.

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