Eli Young Band Finds Depth in “Prayer for the Road”

Courtesy: Republic Nashville
Courtesy: Republic Nashville

In a time where hip hop and R&B influences are becoming more and more prevalent, Eli Young Band’s “Prayer for the Road” provides the slow-paced, pseudo-gospel music that country is lacking.

After wild success from their last album, Life at Best, and their first two singles off of their current record, 10,000 Towns, the Texas-native comprised band is looking to again find the top of the charts with this track. “Prayer for the Road” closes out 10,000 Towns and is said to be one of Mike Eli’s favorite songs on the album. The track, penned by the group and songwriter Billy Montana, tells a specific narrative that still hits home for a wide range of audiences.The chorus is, quite literally, a prayer for anybody that spends time away from their loved ones. Lead singer, Mike Eli, opens the song with a chorus of “Ooh’s” before breaking into the beautifully written song. A blend of acoustic and soft electric guitars along with an organ provide the background for the outstanding lyrics and aid in making this an anthem of sorts for people who make sacrifices to provide for their families.

If/when this is released as a single, it may struggle to gain traction at first because of its softer and slower pace; however, it should still find its way into the top ten as it is extremely well-written and easy to listen to.

Key Lyric:
May the wheels keep turning, get you where you need to go
I’ll keep the porch light burning ’til you get back home
May the angels fly beside you, down every mile you roll
May heaven hear this prayer, prayer for the road