Jackie Lee Shines on ‘She Does’

Courtesy: Broken Bow Records
Courtesy: Broken Bow Records

Jackie Lee is another member of the new crop of country singers that are looking to make a name for themselves in the coming year. A football standout in high school, Lee left the storied Alcoa (TN) Tornadoes  program during his junior year to pursue a future in music. After going through a failed record deal with Republic Nashville, Lee was signed on to the independent label, Broken Bow,  where the 22 year old has released his debut single, “She Does.”

The track, penned by seasoned veteran songwriters Neil Thrasher and Kelley Lovelace, is pleasing to both traditional and contemporary country music fans as it combines a mid-range tempo with rock-influenced guitar and  outstanding vocals from Lee. If you take anything away from listening to this song, have it be this: Jackie Lee is one of the best vocalists in Nashville today.

“She Does” highlights three situations in which Lee, or anybody for that matter, gives in to his partner. Each builds in terms of musical accompaniment and are simple and catchy but also still convey a certain emotional depth that should be entirely expected from experienced songwriters. The chorus picks up where each verse leaves off as Lee croons: So I do, I give in, yeah, I fold now and then, and sometimes I don’t want to, but she does, so I do.

This track should prove to be the breakthrough that Lee has waited for as it is appealing to a wide range of country listeners. It also is well-written enough to the point that Kenny Chesney was going to record it before ultimately axing the idea. Overall watch for “She Does” to climb the charts in the coming months and give Jackie Lee his first top 20 hit.

Key Lyric:
I don’t like gettin’ up early, in a hurry, on a Sunday
Get all dressed up, hop in the truck just to sit down in the front row pew,
But she does, she does,
So I do