Two New Holiday Tracks From Chesney and Rucker

Each year there are plenty of artists’ who release covers of popular holiday songs. This year Darius Rucker and Kenny Chesney have release original holiday songs and they’re both worthy of some spins this time of year. Chesney’s “Christmas in Blue Chair Bay” and Rucker’s, “What God Wants for Christmas” are tracks we can get behind.

Christmas in Blue Chair Bay
Courtesy: EB Media

Chesney penned the track a couple months back,but he was looking to get his fans in the Christmas spirit early on purpose.

“I didn’t set out to write a Christmas song,” says the singer, “I was getting ready for a writing session, and we got talking about a lot of my trips to the islands. So many of them were around the holidays, people I know, adventures we’ve had and the way you can just savor a day when you don’t have anywhere you have to be.”

Since, it’s video release three weeks ago it’s been played nearly 200,000 times, not bad for a seasonal track. The acoustic and laid back feel of the track is signature Chesney. The island vibes are present throughout the track, making it the perfect listen for anyone wishing they could get away.

Darius Rucker Home for the Holidays
Courtesy: EB Media

Rucker premiered his original holiday track “What God Wants for Christmas” this morning on ABC’s Good Morning America. Different from Chesney’s fun loving tune, Rucker’s makes us think. He raises the question of what God would want for Christmas, a question that’s particularly relevant given the recent events across the country. For Rucker, writing a holiday song that hasn’t already been written was challenging. Of the finished product Rucker says, “This song embodies what the holidays are all about and reminds folks to think about what we can give instead of get this time of year. I am really proud of this song and the beautiful sentiment it imparts.”