As the Year Ends, Chesney is Back on Top

It’s been a good week for Kenny Chesney. You could extend that to a good past three months. From the release of his highly anticipated album The Big Revival, to the announcement of his 2015 mega-tour, to this week which earned him the first ever Groundbreaker Award at the American Country Countdown Awards and Rolling Stone Country’s ‘Single of Year.’ For Chesney 2014 turned from a year outside the spotlight to one where he found himself planted right in the center of it.

The debut single and recently named ‘Single of the Year’ by Rolling Stone Country, “American Kids” became one of the biggest songs of Chesney’s career. Since it’s release it’s been one of the hottest songs on the charts and has gone on to sell over a million copies. That success helped spark interest to an all-time high for the release of his fifteenth studio album The Big Revival. With the release of the album Chesney knew he had to get back on the road to connect with his fans. So in late October he announced what will be his biggest tour since 2009.

The Big Revival Tour is likely to be the hottest ticket of 2015. It’s a tour that Chesney, his management, and promoters have done everything in their power to make as special as possible. He’s bringing out the biggest and brightest stars in the genre to give his fans and country fans in general on of the best nights of their year. In typical Chesney fashion he’ll spend the summer months rolling in on the biggest stadiums across the country including Gillette Stadium here in the Northeast.

Chesney accepts the Groundbreaker Award at the ACCA's.  Photo Credit: Jason Merritt
Chesney accepts the Groundbreaker Award at the ACCA’s.
Photo Credit: Jason Merritt

It was through anticipation and record ticket sales so far that helped earn him the first ever Groundbreaker Award at the American Country Countdown Awards on Monday night. Upon accepting the award the superstar had this to say,

“I’ve missed hearing the fans singing these songs back to me. You know, watching that package before we played really reminded me how powerful the relationship with my audience is. You inspire me. You drive me. And especially, you feed me. These songs are my life, but ultimately, they’re all your’s, and I’m honored to be part of your world.”

With the award in his pocket we’ve also learned that Chesney is planning on mixing things up while on tour next year. Fans can expect a different set list, a new and improved stage, and a band that’s hungry to get back on the road.

As he gears up for 2015 things came full circle in 2014 as Rolling Stone Country named “American Kids” it’s single of the year. But for Kenny he’s always known the song was going to be a hit,

“I knew the second Shane played it for me, I was going to cut it. I actually said to him, ‘Why didn’t you play this for me sooner?’ It was the freshest thing I’d heard in years.There’s nothing like it anywhere in any format, and not only does it capture so many details of growing up no matter where you live, it deals with the idea we are all a little messed up, but so what? We’re all alright. ” 

The track is also nominated for Country Song of the Year at the upcoming Grammy Awards where Kenny will have the opportunity to secure his first ever Grammy.

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