Carrie Underwood Hits Hard with ‘Little Toy Guns’

Carrie Greatest Hits
Courtesy Artista Nashville

Carrie Underwood released her first Greatest Hits album yesterday. The 23 song compilation features her biggest hits plus recently Grammy nominated “Something in the Water,” however it’s the other new track that has us buzzing. “Little Toy Guns” is nearly part two to “Blown Away,” except that it’s better – more relatable. Instead of wishing for it all to go away, Underwood has changed her tune. This time she wishes words were “little toy guns.”

Underwood tells the story of a little girl caught in the crossfire of her parent’s constant arguing. “In between the coats and the closet,” the track opens. Painting a picture that’s all too real. It’s a place many children have been before and a place that nearly all parents can relate to. Nobody wants to find their child hiding in the closet especially if it’s their own fault.

Underwood hopes to strike a chord as the song continues – parent’s fighting can ruin a child. She portrays it beautifully, “Wish there was a white flag waving or that they were both just faking, and it was just a game they were playing like shoot ’em up cowboys.” In these moments of fear and panic every child just wants the fighting to stop. The constant yelling and screaming leaves a child terrified, forcing them to cling to memories of better times. Underwood inserts the listener right into the closet with the child. Wishing, like the little girl that a cease fire would be called.

Likely her next single Underwood should have no trouble finding herself atop the charts for the second straight time. The track is the perfect follow up to “Something in the Water,” as she continues to trot out tracks that show off her ability, while striking an emotional chord.