Brantley Gilbert Strikes Emotional Chord with “One Hell of an Amen”

Just As I Am
Courtesy: Big Machine Label Group

Despite being known for his edgy style, brass knuckles, and tattoos, Brantley Gilbert has found a way to yet again show his emotional side with the release of “One Hell of an Amen” as the third single off of Just As I Am.

The song, co-written by Gilbert, Brian Davis, and Mike Dekle, is comprised of two distinct verses telling two different, yet eerily similar stories of fighting and loss. The first speaks to a young soldier’s funeral specifically highlighting his father’s reception of a folded flag. The second, which also brings with it a heavier, harder guitar riff, tells of a man who lost a battle with cancer. Despite the melancholy mood to both of these verses, the chorus brings hope to both situations, mentioning that “fighting the good fight” is the only way to go and closing, “so be well my friend, til’ I see you again , this is our last goodbye, and it’s a hell of an amen.”

This is, in my opinion, the best song that Gilbert has ever released and one of the best to ever be included on one of his albums. It rivals “Saving Amy” and “Halfway to Heaven” from Country Must be Country Wide in terms of lyrical quality and delivery. Although to casual fans he might seem to be a desensitized, bad-boy, what he excels at is the ability to convey intense and subtle emotions through meticulous songwriting. This song, and album as a whole, prove again how versatile of an artist he is. As fun as tracks like “Small Town Throwdown” and “Bottoms Up” are, his emotional ballads are perhaps more impressive. Few artists can walk the line between hell-raising and hair-raising as well as Gilbert.

This should be extremely successful. On top of the quality of the lyrics, Gilbert’s sometimes gravelly voice is mixed extremely well and there is a solid progression in terms of musical depth as the song goes on. It is clean, yet also has the type of unpolished sound that is an added bonus on this type of song. Look for this to be his fourth straight top ten hit and possibly his first no. 1 song of 2015.

Key Lyric:

Doctor said he ain’t got long
He just smiled said bring it on
If you think I’m scared
You got it all wrong