Previewing Ballard & Nail at House of Blues

The House of Blues in Boston is the place to be Saturday night if you’re looking to catch some great country music. Starting at 6, Native Run will take the stage. They’ll be followed by Frankie Ballard and then David Nail will cap off what is sure to be a great night. Here’s what to expect:

Frankie Ballard 

Frankie Ballard should take the stage slightly before 7, so be sure to get there early. Ballard is one of the fastest rising stars in country music. Both his radio singles, “Helluva Life” and “Sunshine & Whiskey” have landed inside the top five. You can expect his set to feature the majority of his debut album Sunshine & Whiskey as well as a few covers. Ballard, like Nail, is a strong vocalist. Where they stand apart is in performance and musical style. Ballard’s set will be more energetic, getting the majority of the House of Blues grooving early in the night. Expect Ballard to perform for around an hour, and expect him to bring it for every minute he’s on stage.

David Nail

David Nail
David Nail performs this summer at the Washington County Fair.

David Nail will cap off the night. Those who have seen Nail perform know just how strong he is vocally. He’ll take the crowd through the majority of his most recent record I’m a Fire, while mixing in some of his older hits such as “Red Light” and “Let it Rain.” Don’t expect a high energy performance from Nail, rather it’ll be a more intimate atmosphere. Slower songs are accented by the occasional up beat track such as “Easy Love” or “Countin’ Cars.” The House of Blues is sure to come alive when Nail breaks into the biggest hit of his career “Whatever She’s Got.” Even those unfamiliar with much of David Nail’s music will find themselves thoroughly enjoying this set.

Check out David Nail’s setlist here and if you want to buy tickets you can grab them here.