Chase Rice performs at House of Blues Boston.

Chase Rice Looks to Find Groove with His Second Single

Ignite the NightComing off big time success with “Ready, Set, Roll” Chase Rice recently released his second radio single off his debut album, Ignite the Night. The new track, titled “Gonna Wanna Tonight,” is somewhat of a change for Rice, 28, as it has a much slower beat to it than his previous single. Despite this subtle change, the rest of the song should sound very familiar lyrically because of its focus on a very common theme in country music nowadays: girls.

That’s not to say this is a bad song. It’s not; Rice’s voice is well mixed with heavy guitar riffs and percussion that has a hip-hop vibe similar to, his friend, Somo’s “Ride.” It is deep enough lyrically to where it can pull you in. “If you wanna climb a ladder on a water tower, then we’ll kick it with the stars for a couple hours,” Rice opens as he then transitions into the cliches of today’s country music that include plastic cups, cheap booze, and getting tangled up in something with four wheel drive.

Despite being known as one of the new age country artists that is diversifying the genre, this song does not sound out of place at all on the radio. Is it different from songs that were popular five to ten years ago? Yes, but considering where country music is headed, this is the new normal. To be honest this is actually one of the more traditional songs on the album, and much more radio friendly than “U-Turn” and “50 Shades of Crazy.”

This could prove to be a big test for Rice as an artist as he now has one foot in the door in the industry but still must prove to be a consistent artist who is capable of more than one big hit. This song could be the answer, or he might have to release something else to try to find his niche and gain more popularity. He is one of country’s rising stars, but he still needs to expand on what he has already accomplished similar to the likes of Thomas Rhett. All in all, this is a solid song  that has a solid chance to be popular, but could flop because of its familiar sound and content.

Key Lyric:

If you wanna catch a buzz and ride it til the mornin’
Let’s get two plastic cups and baby I’ll get to pourin’
It don’t really matter if it’s whiskey or wine