Maddie & Tae Stay Country on Debut EP

Maddie & Tae EPMaddie & Tae released their debut self-titled EP today. It’s a four track record that showcases the girls tremendous potential, while ensuring they don’t step too far out of their comfort zone. In just four songs the duo shows they’re ability to sing both up and down tempos songs, something that’s crucial for the success of female artists.

The four track EP opens with the duo’s current top ten single “Girl in a Country Song.” A review of that song can be found here. As for the album it’s well put together. “Sierra” tells the story of a girl who’s gone and done wrong. It’s a fun song with an underlying serious message. It’s a nice change of tune for the duo to sing on the importance of treating guys right and leaving them out to dry.

Maddie & Tae switch things up for the next track “Fly.” This is the most important song on the album and of their careers to date. It showcases their ability to do more than sing an fast songs. Nearly perfect harmonies reign through as they sing of picking yourself up as you begin to fall. Despite, their young age we knew a song like “Fly” was going to be necessary early on. They’ve delivered here and it’s likely the song will be released as a single shortly.

The EP closes out with a switch back to up tempo. ” Your Side of Town” is actually the fastest song on the album, but that doesn’t take away from their vocal abilities. It’s a true country song too. Both the fiddle and banjo make appearances in the background of this feisty song.

As a whole it’s a perfect comprised EP. In just four songs the duo is able to show off a wide array of talents. Musically it’s true country, something that is important as more and more artists look to blend with pop. But not Maddie & Tae, they’ve stayed true to their Texas roots and excelled here.