Lady Antebellum Goes Freestyle

Lady Antebellum released the video for their current single “Freestyle” today. The song has a different sound then many of the other recent Lady A releases. Charles Kelly’s voice is more prominent than it has been in quite some time, as Hillary Scott provides the harmonies creating their signature sound. It’s not just the sound that’s different for a group that got famous through sticking to some serious country vibes. “Cherry classic Coke can, rolling on the floorboard, Fleetwood Macklemore comin’ out the speakers,” sings Kelly and Scott. A line that you would have never thought you’d hear out of the group that brought you “American Honey” and “Need You Know”. However, again they’re proven their ability to adapt.

It’s challenging enough for solo artists to keep up with the changing trends in country music. It’s even more challenging for groups. Just ask Rascal Flatts, who just recently regained the national prominence that used to be second nature. Perhaps Lady Antebellum’s previous release “Golden” was not their strongest effort, but 747 seems destined to put Lady A back on top. No offense to the other groups in country music, but it’s them and Little Big Town duking it out for the title of top vocal group. The only groups that provide harmonies that you simply can’t find anywhere else in the genre. So credit Lady Antebellum for releasing their new album just as CMA voters are filling out their ballots for vocal group of the year.