Little Big Town Kills the Pain With Pain Killer

Little Big Town will release their newest studio album on October 21st. The album follows the groups’ most popular release to date, Tornado, which included the double platinum hit “Pontoon.” Their current single “Day Drinking” sits just inside the top ten and continues to rise on the charts. The catchy, feel good tune features the bands signature harmonies and was an excellent choice as the first single off of their new album Pain Killer. 

Throughout the album you’ll notice the group continues to push boundaries. Whether it’s new harmonies, exotic loops and arrangements, or quirky sound effects it’s a new sound from one of country’s best vocal groups. All this is on full display from start to finish. “Quit Breaking Up With Me” lets the ladies taking the lead and sets the tone for the remainder of the album. “Good People” as well as “Painkiller” serve as examples of just how good Little Big Town can be.

Perhaps the most talked about song leading up to the release of the album is “Girl Crush.” Singing about having a “crush” on your ex-lover’s new lover the song stands apart from the others. In country music today it’s rare to find a song that hasn’t been sung before. Almost every radio single is just a different spin on an old song. That’s not the case here. For being one of the few tracks the group did not write on the album, Karen Fairchild and the other execute it perfectly. It’s the clearest hit on the entire album and that’s saying something for an album that is full of hits from start to finish.

The album really is Little Big Town’s best work to date. That’s saying something considering Tornado produced a Grammy Award, a CMA Award, and two ACM awards among others. In a year that has been full of good albums Pain Killer can compete with them all. It’s not a party album, rather a reflective album; released at the perfect time with a number of nearly perfect songs.