Kip Moore Teases New Music

Kip Moore SoundcheckFor Kip Moore fans it’s been a long wait for new music. The rumors of his sophomore album have been swirling for about a year now. Originally there was some talk the album would be released towards the end of May, then it was early September, now who knows. Kip has said himself that it’s been a frustrating process and that he can’t wait for fans to get a taste of the new album, which has been completed for over six months. Despite not being for sale on iTunes, fans can head over to Spotify and stream the five song EP Soundcheck. The teaser features four new tracks and an updated version of his second single “Beer Money.”

As for the four new songs, they all have Kip’s signature rock sound. He’s always leaned heavily on rock roots rather than traditional country. “Girl what’s the matter with you, can’t you see it when I’m standing right in front you, come and get it,” sings Moore on the chorus of “Come and Get It.” It’s an easily identifiable Moore song. Despite only having three radio singles and one album, Kip Moore has carved out a solid base. Lyrically his songs are nothing special, could even be described as simple; but musically they’re excellent. The steady drum beat and intertwining guitar solos make every song uniquely his own. Even the updated “Beer Money” is different enough from the original to deserve it’s own cut, yet similar enough that fans will have no trouble recognizing the number one hit.

“Hang a While” opens with more guitar, before Moore’s vocals take center stage. It fits well with the other tracks on the album as Moore pleads for a girl to stay around just a little longer. “Maybe it’s the music, or maybe it’s your smile, but I’m thinking pretty girl won’t you hang a while,” sings Moore on the chorus. One that, like many of his songs, is simple yet hits home. In concert it’s the type of song that you’d stand up with a lighter or your phone and sway too and that’s where Moore is at his very best.

“Heart’s Desire” and “Lipstick” round out the remainder of the EP. Both tracks are currently on Moore’s live setlist and “Heart’s Desire” has been rumored as a possible single in the future. Arguably the best song on the album “Heart’s Desire” is the perfect song for Kip. The slow, yet steady pace fits his style perfectly. One that fans can easily sing-a-long too at a show or in the car. “I’m raging fire, your my hearts desire,” highlights a chorus accented by “ohs” and “ahs.” The desperate message of the EP continues here and is finalized in “Lipstick.” It’s the loudest track on the album, yet still allows for Moore to hit his sweet spot. If you didn’t know Kip Moore, you’d likely never think it was a country EP and that’s okay. In a genre that is becoming increasingly diverse, change is a good thing. There’s bro or pop country and there’s country rock. Soundcheck falls closer to rock than even country rock and that’s fine. Because Kip Moore is an artist that deserves to be heard, and we can only hope his album comes out soon but until then this will have to do.

Kip Moore is currently on tour with Sam Hunt and Charlie Worsham. The tour stops in New England twice in November. Complete list of dates can be found here.