Justin Moore

Justin Moore Takes Us to His Kind of Town

Off the Beaten PathJustin Moore released a third single entitled “This Kind of Town” off of Off the Beaten Path to radio today. The song follows his cover of “Home Sweet Home” which failed to crack the top 25. However, Moore is a perfect two for two with his first two singles on the album as both have reached the peak position on the charts. “This Kind of Town” has a different sound. It’s far less party and far more slow drive down a backroad. Hometowns are at the center as Moore sings of all the things we have to be thankful for. “In this kind of town people stay together, nobody leaves unless they leave forever,” sings Moore as the song opens and again numerous times in the chorus. Overall, it has a song message, one similar to “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away,” a song that went number one. It’s somber, yet not too somber that people won’t want to listen. When it’s all said and done Justin Moore should be looking at his third top 15 hit with “This Kind of Town” and that’s something he can rest his hat on.