Eric Paslay performs

Eric Paslay’s New Single “She Don’t Love You”

Eric Paslay AlbumEric Paslay released a third single off of his debut self-titled album this morning. The track entitled “She Don’t Love You” has a significantly different sound from his previous two singles “Friday Night” and “Song About a Girl.” Country fans will get to know a different side of Paslay, one that shows his ability to sing a sensitive song.

“She don’t love you, she’s just lonely,” sings Paslay as the song opens with a few soft guitar strums. As the song progresses a drum beat enters and Paslay continues to show off his impressive vocal ability. The soft tone of his voice makes the songs message resonate even stronger. Paslay sings of the struggles of being the one a woman leans on when she’s lonely. When you give and give and eventually fall in love with the girl who sees you as nothing more than a shoulder to lean on when things get rough. Overall, the song shows who Paslay can become as an artist. “She Don’t Love You” has been released at the perfect time and should find itself climbing up the charts soon.