Anything Goes, Florida Georgia Line’s Excellent Second Album

Anything GoesThe wait for Florida Georgia Line’s sophomore album is finally over. The wildly popular duo released their sophomore album entitled Anything Goes today. Packed with twelve hits, the album is everything we could have asked for and more. Whether the duo is kicking off a party with title track “Anything Goes” or sneaking off with their girl and “Bumpin the Night” FGL certainly hasn’t disappointed.

Six months ago the question was if Florida Georgia Line could continue their remarkable success upon the release of their second album. They were coming off of a run of five straight number one hits to start their career, something that had never been done. When they announced that they would be releasing the first single off of their upcoming album there were two camps: give us more of the same and let’s see if these guys can do anything else. Those doubters were quickly quieted on July 8th when the duo released “Dirt.” Now, having reached the peak position on the charts, it’s safe to say that the duo can indeed do more than provide the best backwoods party music money can buy. “Dirt” gave fans a glimpse at who Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley are as people; they might love to have fun, but they also are really genuine individuals. Anything Goes captures that perfectly.

Some two months after the release of “Dirt” the duo began giving fans more sneak peaks of what Anything Goes was going to sound like. First they began performing the title track “Anything Goes” in concert, then they began releasing tracks off of the album. First “Sun Daze” then “Anything Goes” “Bumpin’ the Night” and most recently “Sippin’ on Fire.” All of the tracks have the signature Florida Georgia Line sound, yet manage to offer something new. The boys will be the first to admit producer Joey Moi deserves much of the credit here. His ability to take their songs to the “next level” and give them the sound that is so uniquely their own is priceless. Those with a keen ear will notice that Brian Kelley’s voice is consistently mixed louder than on Here’s to the Good Times. An album that at times made Kelley feel like a featured artist rather than one half of the duo. Anything Goes showcases Kelley’s vocals and gives Hubbard a chance to take a step back from his nearly constant vocal duties. That’s definitely a positive change.

The remainder of the album features seven tracks highlighted by “Smoke” and “Like You Ain’t Even Gone” and that’s taking nothing away from the rest of the tracks. “Smoke” is likely the clearest single on an album that features hit after hit. It’s a trip down memory lane to a bonfire that any country fan would love to be at. The duo brought in their good friend Sarah Buxton to record some background vocals giving the song a fresh sound. It’s subtleties like Buxton’s voice that separate Anything Goes from Here’s to the Good Times. “Like You Ain’t Even Gone” brings back memories of the title track off their original EP “It’z Just What We Do.” It’s quick, yet as well written as the remainder of the album. Like every Florida Georgia Line song it has a line or two that hits you right in the chest; one that you can’t get out of your head.

So to answer the original question, yes Florida Georgia Line will be able to continue their remarkable run of success. Anything Goes is the perfect sophomore album for a group that achieved such success the first time around. It gives their dedicated fans more of what they’re used while subtly stepping outside of their comfort zones. It gives the casual country fan more songs to sing-a-long to in the summer time. And most importantly it gives music twelve more songs from a duo that we simply can’t get enough of.