Moonshine in the Trunk Brings Paisley Back to the Top

Moonshine in the TrunkAfter nearly a month of Brad Paisley “Leaking Moonshine,” the wait is finally over. You can go and get yourself a full trunk of Moonshine wherever music is sold. The fifteen song LP is Paisley’s best work in years. Witty lyrics, catchy choruses, and Paisley’s patented guitar solos make ‘Moonshine in the Trunk’ the best country album of the summer.

The fifteen song album features a balanced mix of ballads, “party songs”, and Paisley’s favorite funny songs. “River Bank”, “Moonshine in the Trunk”, and “Country Nation” are party songs that are sure to sound amazing cranked up loud. With just one listen it’s clear why Paisley chose to open the Country Nation Tour with “Moonshine in the Trunk”. This up beat track tells the story of NASCAR’s start through moonshine bootlegging. It might be educational, hell even factual, but when the opening guitar comes through there’s only one thing that listeners are going to want to do and that’s get up and dance. As for “Country Nation” Paisley may have the anthem of country music on his hands again. Similar to “This is Country Music”, “Country Nation” is a song that country music fans all across the nation will find relatable.

If you’re looking to laugh, simply turn on either “High Life” or “Crushin’ It.” Clever lyrics such as “Like the great George freakin’ Strait I’m the king of getting unwound,” or “Just a bunch of low lifes living the high life” are sure to make listeners crack a smile as the cover through the speakers. It’s Paisley is his element. Using his music to bring joy to his listeners. For Brad it’s not all about making an album full of one type of songs. These clever tracks break the album up well, allowing listeners to remember that music is made to be enjoyed. There’s no question Paisley accomplished that with these tracks.

The party songs and funny songs are good and all but the highlights of the album come when Paisley gets sentimental. “Perfect Storm” is the song that you play when you want to tell the person you love just how much you really do love them, but don’t know how. “And I love her so much it hurts, I never meant to fall like this, She don’t just rain she pours, That girl right there’s, the perfect storm,” sings Paisley. “Perfect Storm” is definitely one of the better tracks on the album, however the best song is without a doubt “Shattered Glass”.

Last week when Ellen debuted the song on her program the buzz was created. Then when it instantly shot up to number one on the iTunes country charts and the top ten of the overall iTunes charts it became clear this could be one of the bigger songs of Brad’s career. Rarely in music do we find songs that have the absolute perfect message at the perfect time, that’s where “Shattered Glass” stands apart. It’s a song that every single person can relate to, no matter the circumstance. “Bust that ceiling out, the sky’s the limit now, the world is changing fast,” instantly makes you inspired. That feeling continues as Paisley implores his listeners,  “Rear your head back and roar, it’s your time at last!” The song is feel-good throughout. It’s a song that parents can play for their kids when they want them to know how proud they are — a song children can listen to when they’re feeling down and are in need of a pick-me-up, a song teenagers can put on when they’re feeling out of place, a song that anyone can listen to anywhere. If you only want to get one song from this album, this is the one to get no question. It’s not a song that you’re going to play at a tailgate or a party, but it’s a song you’re going to find yourself returning to time and time again when you just want to feel good.

So thank you Brad Paisley, thank you for returning country music to the place it’s supposed to be.